Liza came from Russia

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  • Descrizione: Liza is a pocket size Russian sex kitten. She's so cute and innocent looking you wouldn't think she was harboring a massive personality which total eclipses her size. I met her in a party a couple of weekends ago. It was Liza and

    her friend and, I must say, they looked really young but they assured me they were legal... I told her that if she could prove her age she should come to my office and talk business. When she came in again I thought she looked young again but her passport proved that s she was 21 which is a perfect age for a casting.... She looked so innocent and sweet but behind her exterior was a lady who knew what she wants and trust me she can hold her own. She wanted to know straight away what I could offer her, saying that she wanted to be a model. She kept giving me shy glances which was making me harder than an icicle in a diamond... I couldn't wait to see what kind of skills Liza had in fucking department. And I must say she was unbelievable. For a little girl she could really pack a punch... It was so hot the way she was grinding up and down on my body. We had awesome sex and I ended up finishing with one of my favourite cumshots... The anal creampie. Got a little bit messy when I asked her to push the spunk out though... Oooo that was a funny colour!!

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