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Looking for advertising opportunities?

Our Ad Zones:

- 2 NTV ads (next-to-video), 1 or 2 in-videoplayer ads, 1 mobile, 1 IM ad, 1 popunder.

- NTV ads sized 300x250px.

- NTV ads are completely visible without having to scroll!

- All ads are sold on a monthly basis, additional charges for 1 or 2 week tests.

Need to Know:

- No illegal content such as child porn, underaged models, rape, bestiality or other sick stuff!

- No material containing scat, drugs, real violence, abuse, incest, etc.

- No scripts preventing the visitor from closing the window.

- No misleading or fake buttons (More, Next, Fake Players, Play, etc.)

- No heavy flashing or blinking ads or borders. Those scare the surfer away!

- All links must open in a new window.

- iFrame are only allowed from trusted partners/buyers.

DM Buyers:

=> AdXpansion, MediaReps, GSM, Saboom, Reporo, etc.

Questions? Please contact us at our contact page.